Home Clinics or Ava-Med Center was founded in September 2013, Yerevan. This mental health care center is the only one of its kind in Armenia and in our entire region.

Patient care

The following medical services are provided here: therapeutic, traumatological, cardiological, neurological, psychiatric, as well as kinesiological, which is a system of special activities (also massaging exercises), each patient is prescribed depending on the symptoms of the disease. It is especially irreplaceable for people with mobility problems.

Besides medical services, the Tun Clinics Care Center also provides services such as analgesic and symptomatic therapies, palliative and detoxification therapies. And for whom are such services? For patients who have malignant neoplasm, they are in the phase of organ systems dysfunction, in the conditions of impossibility to achieve stabilization, in the incurable phase therapeutic chronic disease, severe cerebral circulation, patients with severe, irreversible post-traumatic consequences (need care while symptomatic treatment and medical care), degenerative nervous system diseases, patients with various forms of dementia, also patients in the incurable stage with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Adult care

The center provides special care for the elderly (over 70 years old) and singles. It provides not only care for adults, but also the organization of their daily life. A professional team creates a joyful, pleasant and pregnant atmosphere to fill the daily interest of the elderly.

There is a warm and pleasant atmosphere in Tun Clinic, each patient is treated with care. Arriving at the center, the patient receives an individual approach from the whole team, undergoing a medical examination, accordingly finding his doctor. There is not only a professional medical staff, but also a team of skilled cooks, who provides three delicious meals with a special diet for each patient.

Besides, separate medical card is filled for patient, which provides a ward with furniture, bedding and personal hygiene items. The management and staff of our care center do their best to make every patient feel not only safe, but also at home, surrounded by full care.


License K-PO-002267
License K-PO-001878

Armen Karapetyan

Anna Sargsyan